Basketball Shooting and Skills Championships

Skillchamps History

Skillchamps began in 2001 with a professional prize money shooting championship. It was won by Ed Palubinskas who, at the time, was N.B.A. All-Star Shaquille O'Neal's shooting coach. Some details from that championship are below.

Ed Palubinskas won $22,300.

Ed Palubinskas

Olympic record holder and professional shooting coach Ed Palubinskas receives a Havenport Basketball Shooting Excellence Award for $22,300.00 from Skillchamps and Havenport President Cory Lewis. Ed shot 100 percent from the free throw line and over 90 percent from the three point line during the Basketball Shooting Championships to win his award.

Dave Hopla

Dave Hopla, now the Toronto Raptors shooting coach, receives a Distinguished Basketball Shooter Award from Skillchamps and Havenport President Cory Lewis. Dave put together a string of 53 in a row and shot over 97 percent from the line during the Championships to win his award.

Mike Scudder, Dave Hopla, and Mike Sandusky all won awards and free entry in the next Championships.

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